And so it goes … 

This is the third version of my “new” site using WordPress. What’s new this time? I’ve changed themes completely. I’m now using a theme called i-Max, which I think is rather fitting. I have customized it so that it looks like an updated version of my previous site. I liked my last site but the changes in WordPress development are constant and I thought it would be best to update the look. I came across this theme and liked it, so here we are. New and improved.

All the photos on this site were taken by me with my iPhone 5 with the exception of the one on the About page, which was taken with my Canon PowerShot SD1200. With the exception of cropping, none of the photos were edited or filtered. They are as they were taken. These photos and many more are on my Instagram and Flickr sites (@jdstaplesdotcom).

Sierra Released!

Apple has released their new Mac OS X 10.12 aka Sierra. Lots of new features to check out including having Siri on your Mac. As with all OS updates, make sure thatRead More...
By : Jacqueline Staples | Oct 20, 2016

iOS 10 Released!

The newest version of Apple’s iOS was released today. Lots of new features, even more if you have a new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. One of the new features is theRead More...
By : Jacqueline Staples | Sep 13, 2016

Apple Watch Series 2

Apple announced its new version of the Apple Watch today. One of the cool thing is that it’s water resistant, which means you can go swimming with it!
By : Jacqueline Staples | Sep 7, 2016